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Below you can find a selection of our most recent Sunday sermons. Listen at your leisure!

 March 2024

The Greatness of God's Power Ephesians 1:15-23

Experience the power of our Easter sermon, 'The Greatness of God's Power,' where we will dive deep into understanding our blessings in Christ. By having faith in the Lord and love for the saints, we can come to know His power. God raised Christ, seated him at His right hand and gave him as the head of all things in the church. We can overcome sin and death, just as Christ did. We hope you are encouraged by  this powerful message of hope and victory.

Mar 31 24 The Greatness of God's PowerPastor Alvin
00:00 / 40:48

The Father and I Are One John 10:19-30

In today's sermon, we will be discussing the division among the Jews regarding the identity of Christ. As we delve into the topic, we will explore the three qualities of Christ's sheep, which are hearing his voice, knowing him, and following him. Lastly, we will end the sermon with a discussion on how Jesus gives his sheep eternal life and how no one can remove us from the hands of the Father and the Son as they are one. Thank God for the blessed assurance we have in Christ

Mar 24 24 John 10:19-30 The Father and I Are OnePastor Alvin
00:00 / 53:14

The Hired Hand, One Flock, and One Shepherd John 10:12-18

Join us at First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor as we learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd who came to give us life and to give it abundantly. Last week we learned about how the thief comes to rob, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. This week we will be studying the hired hand and comparing it to the Good Shepherd. As believers, we are united under one shepherd and one flock, and it is by his voice that we are guided and led.

Mar 17 24 John 10:12-18 The Hired Hand, One Flock, and One ShepherdPastor Alvin
00:00 / 48:43

I Am The Good Shepherd John 10:7-11

Mar 10 24_APastor Alvin
00:00 / 21:33
Mar 10 24_BPastor Alvin
00:00 / 22:14

The Shepherd of  the Sheep Enter By The Door John 10:1-6

Mar 3 24_APastor Alvin
00:00 / 19:34
Mar 3 24_BPastor Alvin
00:00 / 20:04

February 2024

Do You Believe In The Son Of Man? John 9:35-41

Feb 25 24.APastor Alvin
00:00 / 24:23
Feb 25 24.BPastor Alvin
00:00 / 25:27

Do You Want To Be His Disciple Too? John 9:26-34

Feb 18 24.A John 9:26-34 Do You Wantr Be His Disciple Too?Pastor Alvin
00:00 / 20:48
Feb 18 24.B John 9:26-24Pastor Alvin
00:00 / 22:12

Though I Was Blind, Now I See John 9:17-25

Feb 11 24 John 9:17-25 Though I Was Blind, Now I SeePastor Alvin
00:00 / 38:55

Division Among the Blind John 9:8-16

Feb 4 24 John 9:8-16 Division Among the BlindPastor Alvin
00:00 / 48:28
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